Monday, May 7, 2012

5 - Preloading with water

It's funny how sometimes common sense and non-scientific hypotheses can turn out to be accurate.  I once was eating dinner with my parents and a family friend.  The gentleman was 'cursed' with being very thin.  Although a positive problem to have in the eyes of most women, it can be a stigma for men, and so, this man had incorporated practices to combat his slight physique.  He NEVER drank water before or during meals.  And, if he was out to eat, he would actually ask the waiter to take the water glass away, so he wouldn't be tempted to drink during a meal!  He didn't want to compromise any valuable real estate in his stomach, that could be filled with something high calorie.

It turns out, he was on to something.  Although most people have the opposite problem, what he knew might benefit us all.  I recently learned the term of preloading, and strategy, of drinking water before a meal, to reduce calorie intake.  The study showed greater benefit for some populations.  But, even if it doesn't work for you, most people probably don't drink enough water anyway, and, its already been shown to be an important factor in maintaining young, healthy looking skin.  Although there needs to be more studies, I think this is one dieting strategy that may be without any negative side effects.  So, why not try preloading with water if you are looking to eat a little less?

Go pour yourself a glass!

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